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Why We Use Composting Toilets?

When we were developing our yurt accommodations we were seeking a toilet that could be used inside the yurts. The following criteria needed to be met:

No plumbing required- Due to the distance of the yurts from existing sewer and plumbing lines and the concern of water pipes freezing in the winter, we did not want piped water in the yurts. We needed a product that was waterless.

Environmentally Friendly- We did not want to contribute to possible ground water contamination.

No septic needed- We did not want to pump sewage up hill (a costly option) and create a possible ongoing maintenance issue. We also did not want a septic system that would require destruction of trees and vegetation.

No odors- We were concerned about the possibility of odors. Sun-Mar uses a partial vacuum through a fan and vent system that eliminates odors when the unit is maintained correctly.

Easy to operate- It would be simple for our guests to use and for us to maintain.

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