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*Prices subject to change without notice due to shipping costs fluctuations.

We only sell to customers in the continental USA.

Daytime phone number required with each order so that shipper can contact you prior to delivery to insure you or someone is available to receive, inspect and sign for the order (see below). If you cannot be reached your order will be sent to storage and you will be responsible for all additional storage costs.


The Excel is the preferred self contained electric model for heavy or residential usage. It can handle 6 adults or families of 8 for vacation/weekend usage or 3 adults or a family of 5 for residential/continuous usage.

The Excel also comes in a non-electric model for those living off the grid. It has no fan or heater but a larger 4 inch vent for good ventilation. It can serve 5 adults or a family of 7 for vacation/weekend usage or 2 adults or a family of 3 for residential/continuous usage.

The Excel Electric retails for $2010.00  . The non electric model $1880.00. Shipping is included in continental USA.

Order Excel Electric
Daytime Phone Required

Order Excel Non Electric
Daytime Phone Required

*Prices subject to change without notice

All Sales Final. NO Returns or Exchanges.

For warranty info visit Sun Mar's web site.
We only sell to customers in the Continental USA.

What Happens After You Order

Once we receive confirmation from PayPal that you have placed your order we contact Sun Mar to make shipping arrangements.. Your toilet will be drop shipped from New York to your location in 10 business days (subject to availability/inventory). We will also provide an estimated delivery time since it can vary depending on production schedules and product demand.

When the Order is Shipped

The shipper will call you at the number you provided to insure you are there to accept the order and sign the bill of lading. If the shipper cannot reach you the unit may go in storage and you will be responsible for any storage costs.

Toilets are delivered by a semi truck.

When the shipper delivers your toilet it is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect the box for damage. If you suspect damage to the toilet also inspect the inside. DO NOT SIGN the bill of lading or any paperwork provided by the shipper if you see damage or suspect damage to the toilet. If you do sign and later find damage you have NO RECOURSE. By signing you legally agree that you received the toilet in new condition. The manufacturer will not take the damaged toilet back and we have no use for it either.

If you assign the responsibility of receiving the shipment to someone else (neighbor, friend, etc) please make them aware of this process.

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