Sun Mar Composting Toilets

Sink, shower, laundry water waste

Economical, No water, Sewer or Septic Needed
Easy to Install, Use, Maintain
Environmentally Friendly- No Groundwater Contamination
Ideal for Home, Cabin, Yurt, Artist Studio, Tiny House, Pool Cabana, Barns, and more

Sun Mar Toilets can be an excellent alternative to conventional commodes where circumstances do not allow for septic systems or water connections. Some have been installed in cabins and homes that have rocky soil that does not permit a septic system drain field or homes in close proximity to lakes, rivers and streams.

Some have chosen them over a conventional flush toilet to avoid septic tank construction that requires the elimination of trees and could contaminate ground or well water used for drinking. Others have wanted to make their home more eco friendly or green.

Others have added them where water and sewer connections are not available such as pool cabanas and barns.

Whatever your reason for considering a Sun Mar toilet you will find that they are easy to install, use and maintain. You will also be rewarded with rich compost that you may use on your trees and flowers while knowing that you are doing something good for the environment.


Fred and Mary Beth Tanner
Independent Sun-Mar Dealer
c/o Cedar House Inn & Yurts
6463 Highway 19 North
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
(706) 867-9446

Why not purchase a toilet from someone that actually owns one and has used them for over 13 years.

We receive calls from individuals who did not purchase from us. If you bought from another dealer please call that dealer for assistance after the sale.

All sales and correspondence are performed from this web site. We do not have a retail store and prices reflect internet sales. We do not have onsite visits to the inn for composting toilet inquiries or sales. We only mention the inn because if you call that is how we answer the phone. Thank you.

We do not stock or sell composting toilet supplies or parts. They may be ordered online from Sun Mar or by calling their office.